'Right Old Furfey' - Superb Blue Wrens -  Watercolour on Arches Paper

Jane and her husband live on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.   Their home is situated in a peaceful bush land environment from which Jane draws upon much of her inspiration.  Nature heavily influences her work. The continual movement of life that gets missed in the rush of the normal day do day is part of her motivation to capture some sense of perspective and to bring it into focus.

Having a close eye for detail, Jane strives for an intimate understanding of her subject. Working mainly in the studio, surrounding herself with reference material, including sketches, photographs, representative animal or bird skins and any other objects which support the piece she is working on.  She will then build upon a foundation of good composition, aspects of light and shade and tonal ranges.  

Using a range of media Jane will work in a medium which best supports the execution of the subject. Having trained primarily as a watercolourist she tends to approach each medium from that perspective, although a wider range of media enables a wider range of techniques. Recently she has added polychromos – coloured pencils – to the studio and has appreciated their rich pigments, transparency and the ability to build up layers. They work exceptionally well for fine detail.

A steady demand for her work exists, selling through exhibitions, galleries , private commissions and some illustrative work.




Awards & Achievements:

Commended-  Wildlife Art Society - Wild Awards- 2014     -     Thornbill and Ferns

Best Mixed Media - Sandy Point Art Show - 2014     -     Big Red

Commended - Mornington Rotary Art Exhibition - 2014     -     Big Red

People's Choice Award - Sandy Point Art Show - 2013     -     Dancing Shadows

Best Other Medium - Mornington Rotary Art Exhibition - 2011     -     Spotted

Highly Commended - Presidents Award Herring island exhibition - Wildlife Art Society of Australasia - 2008     -     Catch Me if You can

Commended - Mornington Rotary Art Exhibition - 2007     -     The Seaweed Curtain

Highly Commended - Rosebud Rotary Art Exhibition - 2004     -     Koala Comfort

Highly Commended - Mornington Rotary Art Exhibition - 2002     -     Willie and Angus

Highly commended - Mornington Rotary Art Exhibition - 2002     -     Looking For Grub

Best watercolour - Mornington Rotary Art Exhibition - 2002     -     There's a Bird in My Bucket

The Geoff Douglas Memorial Award - Wildlife Art Society of Australasia Inc. - 2001     -     Wombat in The Snow  
The Geoff Douglas Memorial Award - Wildlife Art Society of Australasia Inc. - 1999     -     Eastern Spinebills

Illustrated Emma's Journey – 2000. Authors and Horticultural Botanists - Bill Molyneux and Sue Forrester.


Private Commissions:
Barney – Cavlier King Charles Spaniel Cross.  Watercolour.  2014. Australia,.
Sentinel – Wedge-tailed Eagle. Coloured Pencil. 2011, Australia
Pieta. Pen and Ink. 2010, Australia
Treetop Trio – Giraffes. Coloured Pencil. 2009, Australia
Call Of The Wild – Great Horned Owl. Watercolour. 2005, America
Rosie and Skye – Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Watercolour Pencils and Watercolour. 2010. Australia

Enzo – Airedale Terrier. Watercolour. 2006, Australia

The Girls – Chooks. Watercolour. 2005, Australia
The Offering – Superb Fairy Wren. Watercolour. 2003, UK

Mr Cooper – Maltese Cross – Watercolour. 2002. Australia

Brodie - Mastiff Cross – Watercolour. 2001. Australia

Regal Ridgey – Rhodesian Ridgeback . Oil. 2001, Australia

Tess – Labrador Cross – Watercolour. 1999. Australia

Azure Kingfishers. 1998. Holland

Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. 1998. Australia

Kookaburras 1998. Australia